Booty-Full Gains: A Guide to Getting a Bigger Booty

Booty-Full Gains: A Guide to Getting a Bigger Booty

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Proper training, the right diet, and rest will get you there if done consistently and with maximum effort. Take out any one of those factors and you will not get the results you are striving for.

This guide is a 5 week plan consisting of progressive workouts, each day different and each week harder than the other. If you wish to incorporate some cardio we would recommend doing at the end of your workout. The main focus is on the glutes! There are written descriptions showing you how to perform the exercises as effectively as possible as well as hints and tips on training and food/supplements to get the most out of this guide.

The guide can be used at home and at the gym. Although it’s only 5 weeks long there is enough content to last you several months. Do not be limited to the set sessions. Just make sure you increase intensity each time round and keep your calories up! 



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